Centauro is a long-standing leader in the sports gear market with hundreds of stores in Brazil. We've redesigned and transformed its mobile site to a PWA site (Progressive Web App).

My role

For the research phase I partnered up with other 3 UX professionals for gathering data, then I was the only designer in a squad of 3 people.




Behind the scenes

The sports and fitness gear market in Brazil grew by 22% in 2016. Centauro, a long-standing leader in the segment with hundreds of stores, faces competition with big online business with aggressive sales strategy. In 2017, it approached Taqtile to understand its mobile site’s weaknesses and redesign it taking advantage of its multichannel brand strategy to increase online sales. We've decided to leverage the experience of transforming it into a PWA site (Progressive Web App). Together, we framed the goal:

How might we offer customers multichannel shopping experience to leverage online sales on the mobile site?


The research goal was to discover the main pain points along the customer journey while shopping online for fitness clothes, shoes and others. We wanted to understand what customers behave when shopping on mobile and if they understand the advantages of a multichannel brand.

Customers interviews and competitors usability test

We showed customers the former Centauro’s mobile site alongside its competitors. While they were browsing and completing tasks, they gave us good insights on how Centauro is perceived compared to the competition and what their desires, feelings, and worries are while buying sports gear online.

Stakeholders interviews

For understanding what feeling Centauro wanted the design to express, we've run a Look & Feel Test with stakeholders, showing them several benchmarks and inspirations. For each, they told us what they liked and disliked. After, we designed 3 different visual versions and got them voted by stakeholders. Then, we prototyped the winner and showed it to users.

Usability tests

We’ve shown customers the prototype with the key pages alongside the competitors’ mobile site. We gave them tasks to complete and got key insights that guided us throughout the project.

Key takeaways